Imagine If Your
Biggest Problem Could Disappear!

You Will Have a Fresh Start,
Hit the Reset Button and
Have the Life-Change You've Been Hoping For . . .

Just think for a second...

What's your biggest problem? NO really. Think about it.

Take a second and ask yourself, "If I could change ONE THING, what would it be?"

The last time I held my famous three-day weekend called, Starting Over Intensive, the problems ranged from "losing herself in her new marriage" to "moving through the grief of a parent" to "getting over being a victim" to "coming up with a successful business model" to "finding out what's holding her back from love" and it goes on...

It doesn't matter WHAT you think your problem is, you can change it.

Weight Issue? You betcha.
Want more love in your life? Got that covered.
Increase your happiness quotient? Absolutely.
Ready to forgive but don't know how? This is the place for you.
I could go on and on.

Let's face it, aren't you just sick of not living up  your potential? Not living true to yourself?

Right now, the only reason you aren't living true to yourself is YOU!

You've got to make a decision to say NO MORE! Are you ready for that?

Are you sick enough of it? Tired enough? Done enough that you're ready to do what you gotta do to shift your life?

You CAN have a fresh start, hit the reset button and have the life change you've been hoping for...

Imagine us working together on your biggest problem, toughest stall, most frustrating issue...

SOI Alumni Spotlight: Mary

If You're Done Feeling Less Than You
and Want to MOVE FORWARD...

You Can Experience Your Very Own Starting Over
with Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten on Starting Over

(And sometimes folks don’t even know what is holding them back. They just know it’s something. I can actually help you figure out what the ONE THING is that’s been alluding you.)

I’ve worked with thousands of people with a thousand different very unique problems and my gift is to come up with a unique exercise that will help you leap frog it once and for all. I mean, isn’t that what you need to finally move past the thing that’s been holding you back.

If you’ve seen me in action, you already know what I do. You get it. You’ve seen the results my clients get when I am diving in knee-to-knee with someone who is truly ready to change.

There is nothing like it in the world. It's an intimate, personal, empowering three-days that will help you take the next step, get to the next place, be your best self...

If you want me to create a unique personalized experience just for you that will change your life forever and help you reset - and restart - your life... Keep Reading...

As the Life Coach on the hit daytime series, “Starting Over,” I know a thing or two (or a million) about how to change your life quickly. It’s actually what I’ve been trained to do. (More on that later.)

To date, I have filmed over 600 episodes of television and in each episode I work one-on-one creating individualized transformational exercises that help them find love, lose weight, get over an ex, forgive, build their confidence, unleash their purpose, start a business, change their perspective, uncover their hidden secrets and anything else you can imagine.

How Does the Starting Over Intensive Work?

Just like me...Everyone deserves a chance to get past their past. Just like the Starting Over house, I am going to devote our time together on YOU.

You and I are going to get on the phone and talk about YOU!

Your going to share what your true desire is. What you really want to make happen.

Not the thing you "think" you can have or what others told you that you "should" do. No. See, you and I are doing to dig deep and uncover the thing that really is holding you back...

That unforgiveness...

The pain of betrayal...

The fear of being rejecting or put aside for another...

The worry of not being understood or really loved...

The fear that you can't make it, not now...

The concern about your age, your education, your money...

We are going to put it all aside and start creating magic together.

After our talk, I will use my knowledge, experience and the big gun, my intuition, to create a master plan to change the thing that’s been holding you back. (I am so serious about this.)

This in-depth personal work is at the heart of what’s necessary to remove those stubborn repeated pains of the past that keep rearing their head and interfering in your present and causing doubt about your future.

Do you know why I am good at this?

Because I care. Deeply. I get how hard it is to change your life when it seems all up hill. I get what it’s like to reach a point in your life where everyone treats you like you are successful but you can’t treat yourself that way. I get the challenge between wanting to change and knowing how to make that change.

My parents died when i was 14 years old and I had to feign for myself. There were days I didn't want to get out of bed. There were years I absolutely believed I didn't deserve to be happy. There were decades where the nightmares were so bad and the drinking got worse that I feared I lost myself for good.

So yes, I know how to get back from the brink. I have been there. I can get you back because I got your back.

Are You Ready to Start Over?

Who is Starting Over for?

  • If you're ready to make a significant shift in your life
  • You are open to getting support
  • You are willing to do what's necessary to change your life
  • You are sick of being sick of it
  • You want to scream if you stay the same one more minute
  • You've tried other ways to help yourself but they haven't been quite successful
  • You want more out of life but aren't sure how to get it
  • You know there's something brewing within you, you're just not sure how to get it out
  • You haven't forgiven someone that you know you need to
  • You're holding a grudge and gotta let it go
  • You are willing to make a significant investment in yourself
  • You know the only way things are going to change is if you do something different
  • You want to get your biggest problem solved right now
  • You are excited and scared at the same time at the thought of attending the SOI

Who should NOT attend Starting Over Intensive?

  • If you are prone to get defensive and reactive
  • If you feel punished by the world
  • If you're waiting to be saved
  • If you wish your life was different but haven't done anything about it
  • Regularly get annoyed with others and it's their fault
  • Feel bitter about your lot in life
  • Wish your life was different but aren't up to change
  • It's really important to you that your life stay exactly the same
  • Other people's opinions of you matter more than your own and you're okay with that
  • You don't want to invest in yourself
  • You aren't willing to grow right now
  • You don't trust easily and aren't sure you even like me
  • You wish I looked different because the way I look bugs you
  • You think you could teach Starting Over and want to attend to see how I do it
  • You just wish you'd be left alone and hope I can change everyone else because you don't need to change

Ask yourself:
Are you ready and are you willing?
If you are answer is YES,
we can work magic together.

SOI Alumni Spotlight: Cindy

Before You Get to the Starting Over Intensive,
You Must Choose to Take the First Step.
Fill Out the Application!

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What is it worth to you to have a fresh start, solve your biggest problem, get reignited again?

I told my best friend Marta what I was going to charge. She told me I was crazy.

Andy Paige told me I should be charging triple. She pointed out that there is NO PLACE in the world that will give you the Starting Over experience I am creating just for you. She’s right. There is no place else. In fact, there is NO ONE that can give you this experience except me.

If I asked the ladies of the Starting Over house what their experience was worth. You know the answer: Priceless.

So how do you put a price on something that can never be duplicated? How do you charge for something that will alter a life forever?

If you could Start Over some aspect of your life, or maybe your whole life, what would it be worth? I remember when I paid a coach $5,000 for one day of coaching. It was 1997 and it was a lot of money back then. Heck, it’s a lot of money right now.

But the $5,000 dollars I paid for that one day was worth every single penny. And that was for ONE DAY.

What that experience taught me gave me the confidence to go to the next level of my life. It solved a problem forever. I still talk about it. It was a turning point in my life. It was the best 5K I ever spent hands down.

This is what this experience will be for you. A turning point. I know it.

I paid $5,000 for one day of coaching back in 1997. And I was still waitressing back then.

But I am not going to charge $5,000 a day for three days. That would add up to 15K. I am not even going to charge $2,500 for one day. Heck, if you jump on the EARLY BIRD PRICE, I am not even going to charge $2,000 a day and you know I am so worth more than that.

In fact, if you wanted to work with me for a one day Intensive, it would run you $10,000. Yep. That's what I charge to pour my twenty years of coaching - all my skills, tools and, most important, experience coaching every facet of life - into your business, your love relationships, your life.

Think about it: 3 Days x $10,000 would run about $30,000 bucks. But like I said, I want you to invest in yourself so I am going to make it easier than $30,000.

Note: Every time I hold a Starting Over Intensive, the price goes up so if you’re waiting for the price to go down. It will not. Next time you see it advertised, it will be at a higher price.

How much are you willing to invest in yourself? How much is turning your life around worth?

SOI Alumni Spotlight: Charis

Who is Rhonda Britten?
My very official bio below

Rhonda Britten (that's me!) has devoted her life to one thing: to teach people how to master fear.

Whether that’s a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, Rhonda has created a method for anyone anywhere to master the invisible, insidious fear we all have of ‘not being good enough.’ What she teaches is what she’s lived.

After witnessing the horrific murder-suicide of her parents at the tender age of 14, Rhonda went into a twenty-year spiral of self-doubt, blame and addiction. She tried everything to help herself (therapy, self-help books, improvement workshops, PTSD, energy work, you name it.) but still had nightmares every night and couldn’t get past the fear that there was something wrong with her. After she woke up very much alive after her third suicide attempt, she knew she had to find another way.

What she discovered is a pathway to freedom that cuts through false beliefs, negative thoughts and the silent, secret fears every human being carries. Her simple yet life-altering method is called Fearless Living.

Marianne Williamson says, “Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.

An Emmy-Award winner and repeat Oprah guest, Rhonda was the first Life Coach on reality television in the world on the first-show of its kind, Life Doctor (Second Season the series name was changed to Help Me Rhonda). Next, Rhonda changed lives on the hit NBC reality show Starting Over and named its “most valuable player” by The New York Times and heralded as "America's Favorite Life Coach" by TV Guide. To date, Rhonda has altered lives in over 600 episodes of reality television that aired in more than 25 countries and impacted millions worldwide.

Rhonda is a recipient of the “Smart Women of the Year” Award, “Coach of the Year,” a blog favorite at, speaks at TedX and for numerous corporations and organizations such as; Southwest Airlines, Blue Shield of California, Northrup Grumman and many more.

Where is the Starting Over Intensive being held?

Los Angeles, California

When is Starting Over Intensive?

7 Day Starting Over Intensive
MAKE OVER with Andy Paige
October 26 - November 1, 2015

3 Day Starting Over Intensive
December 4 - 6, 2015

What does the 3 DAY Starting Over Intensive include?

3 Day Starting Over Intensive includes:  

1. 3 Days with Rhonda Britten (Value $25,000)
2. Minimum of 1 Private Coaching Session devoted to you and your specific goal including a Fearbuster Exercise designed exclusively for YOU
3. Minimum of 3 Group sessions during SOI to help you get true change
4. Minimum of 2 Private Coaching Sessions pre or post-SOI (Value $1000)
5. Pick up and drop off from recommended Hotels to and from Rhonda’s home each day
6. Meals included: All Lunches and Dinners and tons of treats ($250)
7. SOI will be held in Los Angeles; Lodging and Transportation not included Airfare and Lodging not included

Plus, I pride myself on being the hostest with the mostest. Ask anybody. You're gonna be wrapped up in love...

There will be plenty of yummies during the event so if you're tight on money, I've got you covered. You will be fed and loved on. We also do coffee runs and juice runs. Like I said, you will be well cared for.

Just like Starting Over, a maximum number of participants will be accepted per Intensive and you will experience what it was like for the women of the Starting Over house through daily groups, one-on-one privates and exercises designed specifically to give you the breakthrough you need to get to the next place in your life.

The Starting Over Intensive 3-Day Event and is a 4 Figure Investment
Total Value $26,250 but you won’t pay near that…

In fact, the total cost of the program is less than 1/5th of that!

Ready to leave the past behind and move forward as the powerful you?


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Is Starting Over right for you?
Watch the Video below to find out if
Starting Over is right for you:

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Will Starting Over Intensive Make A Dramatic Difference in You Life?
The Answer is Yes!

Because the change you want to make with me at the forefront of my mind. When we work together in such a concentrated period of time, your fear can't trick you anymore. I will be able to see it, stop it and give you a Fearbuster Exercise to retrain it.

Plus the best coaches in the world are going to be right here with you every step of the way during the SO Intensive and, if you’d like, afterward. That’s right. Not only will I be with you from the moment you walk into my house until the close of our last group, but some of my best-trained coaches will be assisting me as well.

Certified Fearless Living Coaches live my work. They know fear and they know how to master it. Imagine time with me as well as time surrounded by other like-minded individuals who are devoted to freedom.

Your Starting Over Intensive will start with a Afternoon Group (just like in the Starting Over House) so we can get to know you and discover what brought you to the house. Each day we will have a group as well as time for individual exercises during your private session with me. Oh, and did I mention we will have fun!

"Nothing is more important than listening to - and acting on - your Soul's Call."

SOI Alumni Spotlight: Diana

What's the Application Process Like?

1. You just know you've got to attend the Starting Over Intensive
2. Even though you're nervous and a little bit scared, you decide to fill out the application
3. You download the application from this page (Click on the "Apply Now" Button)
4. You fill out an application
5. You email it to (NO ONE READS IT BUT ME!)
6. You are contacted to make an appointment to talk one-on-one with me to see if you are a good fit
7. You and I talk on the phone to get to the guts of what’s going on. Don't worry, this is where my expertise comes in
8. Cross your fingers! You are accepted!
9. You and I stay in touch while we prepare to work together at the Starting Over Intensive
10. You attend the Starting Over Intensive. I coach, support, nurture and love you through it. (I love that part). You have an experience of a lifetime. You have fun. We bond. You feel like you have starting over!
11. Boom! Your life is changed and you have a new lease on life! is forever changed.

With the support of the SOI Coaches, your fellow housemates and me, you feel refreshed, alive and on track. You feel fearless!

Okay, that is about it. Are you in?

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You already know if the Starting Over Intensive is right for you. What are you waiting for?

SOI Alumni Spotlight: Cara

Take a Look at What Starting Over is REALLY Like From an SOI Alum's Point of View

Check out the slideshow created w/ images from Cara's scrapbook of her time at SOI

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