How to Find Your Purpose

w/ Rhonda Britten

If you've ever wondered why you're here....

Did you know I found my Purpose BEFORE I created Fearless Living? Yep. My purpose came first.

If you've ever wondered why you're here....If you aren't sure where you belong...If you feel like you've been wasting time...If you wish you were more motivated and inspired every day...then this Course will give you faith in yourself again and show you how to live the purpose that is your true calling (with passion)!

Here's What You're Gonna Find Out . . .

  • How to find your purpose (that's a given but just wanted to make sure you knew!)
  • The thing you're avoiding learning may be a key that unlocks everything
  • Many times your purpose is something that's EASY for you, so you devalue it because if you can do it then...geez louise, anyone can (how wrong that is!)
  • Trust yourself. You actually already know your purpose just not willing to accept it. How would your life change if you knew your purpose? A whole lot easier I bet.
  • Some people don't like their purpose because they want their purpose to be BIG, BOLD, BAD. They want to save the world, and their purpose doesn't directly do that. (I am going to show you how no matter what your purpose is it does save the world.)
  • Easy exercises to find your purpose. Hint: Combine the skills you have and the things you love.
  • A lot of people think they're "not good at anything". That's baloney. I'll show you what you're good at and what to do with it.
  • Take away perfectionism from the equation and you can spot your purpose WAY easier.
  • Comparing yourself to others sucks and it doesn't help you get where you wanna go.
  • You already admire your purpose in others, but you don't think YOU can have it.
  • Your Souls purpose and your human purpose work together. You need both to catapult your life forward at warp speed.

Here's What You're Gonna Find Out . . .

Here's What You're Gonna Do . . .

  • You're gonna watch all 4 Group Coaching Video Webinars and have the audios and transcripts available to download.
  • You're gonna take NOTES. LOTS of 'em.
  • You're gonna build your awareness and your willingness
  • You're perception of the world is gonna change for the better.
  • Every day you are gonna receive an email with a Fearbuster Exercise that will gently guide you and support you on this journey. There's some exercises I have for you and I can teach you what they are in 10 minutes. HOWEVER, it takes three weeks to complete them. I will be with you for the WHOLE journey.
  • You will learn how to create a Vision Board (my way) and you will see some of my BFFs Visions Boards they made for this year.
  • You will create your own PERSONAL Manifesto that will help anchor you whenever fear tries to get the best of you.
  • You will have so many tools, you will be ON FIRE with YOUR Purpose.
  • And so much more...

Here's What You're Gonna Find Out . . .

What You Get in the Course . . .

Four pre-recorded Webinar Group Coaching Videos w/ downloadable Audio and Transcripts.

During each class, I build on the information week after week to push your growth further. $500 Value!

Email in your inbox every day (21 emails total) loaded with inspiration and a Fearbuster Exercise.

Each email supports you in going deeper in your understanding of purpose and how to activate it in your life while giving you a Fearbuster Exercise designed to keep you growing. $500 Value!

Rhonda answers your questions LIVE. 

During the "How to Find Your Purpose" Class, you have the opportunity to complete a survey that helps Rhonda discover what questions you have and where you are getting stuck or shining strong. Then join Rhonda for a LIVE Group coaching call where she will answer your questions. $2000 Value

Group Coaching.

Every day one of my coaches or I will meet you inside our private Facebook Group to answer your questions and support you to go deeper into the work. There's nothing more valuable than to have support when you need it. $500 Value!

Plus an invitation to the "How to Find Your Purpose" Facebook Group.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want what you want: A life of freedom. $47 Value!

Course Value: $1594

Your Price: $347

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